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What is new? 
New as of 2016  

This year’s goal is to optimise all aspects of Expovet. For instance, we have moved the seminar rooms to hall 7, which makes it possible to attend the extra trainings, casuistries and demonstrations under optimal conditions.
This year’s edition will again feature debates, in the same fashion as last year. The topics are at least as interesting! See debates for more information.  
VetJob is a stand where unemployed and employing veterinarians can meet each other. There will even be an hour allocated to the concept, during which interested veterinarians can meet and have a conversation.
VetJob is a result of last year’s debate on the gap between older and younger generations of veterinarians. 
New as of 2015  

For this anniversary, we would like expand last year’s revamped approach. As a result, there will be 2 debates and a day full of case studies this year. Furthermore, the extra trainings will no longer take place in the far-away front part of Flanders Expo; instead we will build three seminar rooms ourselves in the fair hall this year. 
Countless students will be ready during the weekend of the 24th and 25th of October to make it a marvellous anniversary, and therefore we hope to be able to welcome you in large numbers once again!  
New as of 2014   

The Expovet Demo hall
 This is a hall that can be booked by our expositors, in which new products are presented, lectures are given, new devices are demonstrated, … for the public present at the fair.