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MEX™ is a provider of services related to improving mastitis management and udder health in dairy herds. A spin-off of M-team UGent, it is founded by Sarne De Vliegher and Sofie Piepers. Together, it is their mission to make mastitis management easy for dairy farmers around the world.Why MEX™? Since delivering commercial services is not the core business of an university, the spin-off was created in order to outsource coaching, training and consultancy services. MEX™, however, stands by the same core values as M-team UGent. Driven by passion, inspired by science and strengthened by experience, the team at MEX™ works hard to create holistic, integrated solutions for easy mastitis management. In everything they do, the team’s core values – integrity, holism, practicality and excellence – come into play.Perhaps what makes MEX™ most successful, though, comes out of the alliance between its two founding members, Sarne and Sofie. While the two of them share the same core values, their energy, interests and areas of expertise are unique and complement one another. Together, they have a clearer vision with a wider understanding of their clients’ needs. Today, founders Sarne and Sofie together with Project & Concept Manager Dimitri make up the team at MEX™. Their ambition, though, is to further grow their team, expanding its expertise and furthering its reach.

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