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Saturday 28th of october
4.00 p.m.:  AMCRA –  The use of antibiotics on small animals.

The red list has been normalised in the world of large animals, but is it necessary to integrate it in the world of small animals? We begin the debate with a small introduction where the use of antibiotics is explained. This will form the headline throughout the debate. The panel will exist out of veterinarians specialised in small animals and large animals and AMCRA.
Sunday 29th of october
3.00 p.m.: The future of veterinary education ( Vet2030 )

For many years there has been a form of disapproval of the veterinary education: the students are to much educated in a theoretical way and not enough aimed to the skills a veterinarian needs to have to be a successful practitioner . To open the discussion on the disapproval we organise a debate where the public can give it’s input on the subject. The panel will consist of people from the faculty itself as people from other universities. We hope to deliver an interesting debate where the important issues at hand will be discussed.